Fiamma Straneo

Principal Investigator

I am an oceanographer with a passion for the high-latitude oceans, atmosphere, and ice and a keen interest in understanding the changing climate of the subpolar and polar regions. My research involves collecting data from challenging and under-explored environments, using research and fishing vessels, helicopters and autonomous vehicles, and interpreting it with the help of models. Much of my research focuses on ice sheet-ocean interactions in Greenland, the Atlantic’s overturning circulation and freshwater export from the Arctic.


Monica Nelson

Grad Student

I am a PhD student in physical oceanography. I study ocean heat transport and storage in the subpolar North Atlantic as part of OSNAP and am also interested in links between physical processes and carbon and oxygen transport and storage. My research uses observations from the global Argo network and moored data from the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) to understand convergence and divergence of heat, salt, and gases.


Aurora Roth

Grad Student

I am a PhD student in physical oceanography. I study how melt water from glaciers mixes with ocean water in fjords in Southeast Greenland so we can better understand how changing glaciers impact local marine ecosystems and large-scale ocean circulation. I have an MS degree in Geophysics and Glaciology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I'm also interested in how scientists can build more reciprocal relationships with local Arctic communities to coproduce knowledge together that is of interest to and benefits those communities. My research uses field observations from the Straneo group's annual research cruises in Sermilik Fjord combined with idealized modeling techniques. I am part of our Navigating the New Arctic project researching Greenland's changing coastal margins from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Kylie Kinne

Grad Student

I am a PhD student in physical oceanography. I study how icebergs affect fjord circulation both as sources of buoyancy and as mechanical barriers to flow. Iā€™m also interested in the way that glacially-modified water exits fjords and participates in the large-scale overturning circulation. My research uses field observations from Sermilik fjord in combination with numerical modeling techniques.


Aoming Yu

Lab Assistant

I am interested in ice-ocean interactions. My research uses moored Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data along the OSNAP East transect and satellite altimeter data to understand the variability of the East Greenland current system.


Jamie Holte

Staff Research Associate

I started working with Fiamma in 2010 as a postdoc. Now, as a research assistant, I help to support the lab’s research in any way that I can. My research interests tend toward the larger scale, including freshwater export around Greenland, overturning in the North Atlantic, Argo, and mixed layers <>

Past Lab members


Graduate Students (principal advisor unless specified):

    • Matt Brigham (MSc, 2023, Oceanography, Scripps/UCSD)
    • Robert Sanchez (Ph.D., 2023, Scripps/UCSD)
    • Margaret Lindeman (Ph.D., 2022, Scripps/UCSD)
    • Morven Muilwijk (PhD 2021, Univ. Bergen, NO, co-advisor)
    • Tasha Snow (PhD, 2020, Glaciology, Univ. of Colorado, co-advisor)
    • Alex Hamel (MSc, 2019, Oceanography, Scripps/UCSD)
    • Natasha Ridenour (PhD, 2019, Oceanography, Univ of Alberta, CA, co-advisor)
    • Eva de Andres (PhD, 2018, Glaciology, University of Madrid, co-advisor)
    • Rebecca Jackson (Ph.D. 2015, MIT-WHOI, JPPO)
    • Marilena Oltmans (Ph.D. 2015, MIT-WHOI JPPO)
    • Roberta Sciascia (Ph.D. 2013, Politecnico di Torino, co-advisor)
    • Renske Gerderloos (Ph.D 2012, Utrecht University – co-advisor)
    • Tatiana Rykova (Ph.D, 2009, MIT-WHOI Joint Program)
    • Pierre St. Laurent (Ph.D 2009, Univ. of Quebec at Rimouski, Canada)
    • Dorotea Iovino (Ph.D. 2007, Univ. of Bergen, Norway – co-advisor)


    • Tiago Bilo (2020-2022, Scripps/UCSD, now Asst Scientist RSMAS/NOAA)
    • Donald Slater (2017-2020, Scripps/UCSD, now Fellow at U. Edinburgh, UK)
    • Isabela LeBras (2017-2020, Scripps/UCSD, now Asst Sci, WHOI)
    • Till Wagner (2017-2018, Scripps, now Assc Prof. at U. Madison, WI)
    • Nicholas Beaird (2014-2017, now at MIT)
    • Mattias Cape (2014-2016, now at Bigelow, ME)
    • Ken Mankoff (2014-2015, now at NSIDC, CO)
    • Clark Richards (2012-2015, now at DFO-BIO, CA)
    • James Holte (2010-2013; now Research Associate, Scripps)
    • Xujing Davis (2009-2011; now at NSF)
    • Dave Sutherland (2008-2009; now Prof. Univ. of Oregon)
    • Carlos Moffat (2008-2009; now Prof U. of Delaware)
    • Julies Deshayes (2006-2008; now Scientist at Laboratoire des Physique des Oceans, CNRS, France)

Undergraduate Students:

    • Aoming Yu (Contiguous MS, Oceanography, SIO-UCSD, 2023), Thesis Supervisor
    • Abbie Glickman (BSc, Physics, OSU, 2022), Honors Thesis Supervisor
    • Madeline Sprague (BSc, Ocean and Atmosphere, SIO-UCSD, 2021), Honors Thesis Supervisor
    • Megan Irene Behnke (Semester at WHOI co-advisor, St. Olaf College, Chemistry Major, 2015)
    • Alessandro Silvano (Thesis advisor, Physics, Univ. Torino, Italy, 2014)