Fiamma Straneo : Principal Investigator

Fiamma Straneo

Principal Investigator

I am an oceanographer with a passion for the high-latitude oceans, atmosphere, and ice and a keen interest in understanding the changing climate of the subpolar and polar regions. My research involves collecting data from challenging and under-explored environments, using research and fishing vessels, helicopters and autonomous vehicles, and interpreting it with the help of models. Much of my research focuses on ice sheet-ocean interactions in Greenland, the Atlantic’s overturning circulation and freshwater export from the Arctic.

Isabela Le Bras : Postdoc

Isabela Le Bras


Isabela Le Bras <> is a postdoc working on OSNAP (Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Program). She is a sea-going physical oceanographer studying the ocean’s overturning circulation, which helps stabilize the earth’s climate. As part of the Straneo Lab, she is investigating the impacts of freshwater from Greenland and the Arctic on ocean circulation(, as well as learning to surf.)

Margaret Lindeman : PhD Student

Margaret Lindeman

PhD Student

Margaret Lindeman <> is a PhD student studying ice-ocean interactions. Her research includes observational studies of iceberg melt and ice shelf cavity circulation in Greenland, as well as modeling of small scale Arctic sea ice processes. In addition to research and fieldwork, she is regularly involved in community outreach and science communication.

James Holte : Research Assistant

James Holte

Research Assistant

I started working with Fiamma in 2010 as a postdoc. Now, as a research assistant, I help to support the lab’s research in any way that I can. My research interests tend toward the larger scale, including freshwater export around Greenland, overturning in the North Atlantic, Argo, and mixed layers <>

Donald Slater : Postdoc

Donald Slater


Donald Slater <> is a postdoc working to understand how the North Atlantic ocean influences the stability of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Coming from a background in physics and glaciology, he combines data and models to provide insight into the key processes driving melting of the ice sheet. In the Straneo Lab, Donald works on small-scale studies of individual glaciers and the large scale ISMIP6 (Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project <>) that aims to estimate future sea level rise from the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Robert Sanchez : PhD student

Robert Sanchez

PhD student

Bobby Sanchez is a PhD student in physical oceanography. He is interested in glacier-ocean interactions, buoyancy-driven flows and coastal processes. His research uses observations, including those from Pressure Inverted Echo Sounders (PIES) and moorings, to understand fjord dynamics and the exchange of heat and freshwater between glaciers and the ocean.

Alex Hamel : MS student

Alex Hamel

MS student

Alex Hamel is an MS student in Physical Oceanography. He is studying sea ice variability and ice-ocean interactions using satellite and mooring data in the Greenland Sea and Arctic Ocean. He is also an active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard with extensive sea-going experience around the globe, most significantly throughout Alaska and the American Arctic.